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Board approves marijuana mart in West Roxbury - and a grow facility for it in Hyde Park; plans still need state approval

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved Jeff Similien's plans to open a pot shop at 5252 Washington St. in West Roxbury, just up from the Dedham line, and converting a warehouse to grow his wares in at 48-54 Walter St. in Hyde Park.

Similien's Lowkey Dispensary now has to win approval from the state Cannabis Control Commission before he can start operations. Another cannabis concern has been proposed for the "fun strip" part of VFW Parkway, in the same strip mall as a sex-toys shop and liquor store, also just up from the Dedham line and a variety of fast-food outlets.

At today's hearing, nobody spoke against the proposals, although the board did receive letters from some people opposed to the shop - which would be open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. - because it's across Washington Street from Draper Field and others just don't think West Roxbury is the sort of place to be putting pot shops.

In Hyde Park, some people wrote of their concerns about making Walter Street, a remote location along the Neponset, a target for crime and due to environmental concerns because of the energy required to grow marijuana indoors. Similien has submitted a security plan to the city and says he will install solar panels to reduce his load on the energy grid.

The board also received a number of letters in support.

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