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Board takes no chances: Indefinitely suspends license of Allston club whose owner said he was closing it for good

Two days after the owner of Garage on Linden Street said he was closing the place for good, following the latest round of gunfire outside, the Boston Licensing Board voted to suspend its license indefinitely.

The board said it would only reconsider letting Alex Matov re-open the club if he can prove he's really cooperating with BPD District D-14 on incidents in or next to the club, something the board said Tuesday it was clear he was not.

The board also said it needs to get something in writing from Matov on what he plans to do with the club's liquor license if he's serious about keeping the place shut until he has it torn down to make way for a new apartment complex he's a partner in. Holders of liquor licenses for establishments that shut down are not allowed to simply sit on them.



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After all the repeated violations, shooting and broken promises about working with BPD and neighbors, they deserve to have their liquor license pulled. They shouldn't be allowed to sit on it or sell it.

Don't worry, the jackass owner will still get tons of money from developing the land

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