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Boston cop arrested on charges he tried to intimidate detective conducting internal-affairs investigation of him

A Boston police officer was arraigned in Dorchester court today for allegedly trying to intimidate an internal-affairs investigator who'd had him placed on administrative leave for moving out of Boston before his union contract said he could.

Matthew Morrissey allegedly drove up to the detective's house, parked his pickup truck right out front, then "rolled down his window and stared at the fellow officer," the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The DA's office did not say where the incident took place, but Dorchester District Court handles arrests from Dorchester and Mattapan.

WCVB reports this is the third time Morrissey allegedly pulled such crap with the same detective; in another instance last fall, he allegedly slowly drove around the detective's car in his truck.

Under their union contract, Boston police officers are required to live within city limits for the first ten years on the job; after that, they can move out of the city. But Morrissey, who began his BPD career on Dec. 9, 2013, lives in Milton, officials say.

In a statement, acting DA Kevin Hayden sad:

All of us in law enforcement are supposed to protect the residents of the municipalities in which we serve, and we are rightfully held to the highest standard. The actions of Office Morrissey are troubling on many levels: he lied about where he lived, and he intimidated a fellow officer who had placed him on administrative leave.

Judge Thomas Kaplanes released Morrissey on personal recognizance and ordered him to stay away from the detective's home and the anti-corruption division of the Boston Police.

Innocent, etc.


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Intimidating your brother in blue??!! I can only imagine the number of suspects this man has intimidated. Hey hey! Men ni fout!

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I've never seen a detective in blue. Usually they wear a baseball cap and plain clothes. Not sure they can wear body cans either (obviously).

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It's a figure of speech, dude.

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Has this cop, who I'm sure is on PAID administrative leave for lying about where he lives, really been on leave since last fall? So we're paying him 6+ months salary while determining he outright lied about where he lived? Shouldn't that only take a week or two?

I'm so sick of Boston residents having to pony up for months (& sometimes years) of "administrative leave" for clear violations. This cop should've been fired within days of discovering he lived outside Boston, but instead he's still on the payroll and now threatening a detective. And it's probably still only 50/50 that this idiot actually loses his job. While reminding everyone their union always defends bad cops, let's also not forget that BPD unions came out as antivaxx, too. Does that represent the residents of this city? I think not.

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no way. he's done.

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I wish I had your optimism. One BPD officer sexually assaulted a woman--while working on a paid detail--and was only given a 1-year suspension. Years later, the same officer bragged about hitting BLM protestors to other cops and was caught via bodycam video. He was only given 10-day suspension. He is still a Boston cop and made $272k in 2020!


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All employees subject to the residency requirement are obligated to annually certify that they are residents and provide supporting documentation. The certification includes an acknowledgement that falsification of residency is grounds for immediate dismissal. The union contracts also include language about the residency requirement. So if BPD has proof that he doesn't live in the City (and if he doesn't have ten years of service) there's not much the union can do to defend him.

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a lot of cops have parents living in the city because they grew up here. an old trick was to use your parents house/childhood home as your address for residency. they used to come knock on the door and ask mom or dad if officer milton (or waltham or quincy) was living at the address. in some cases they asked to see the officers bedrooms (i’m not sure if warrants were used but i have heard stories of investigators storming past parents in search of bedrooms) in many cases these bedrooms actually existed with uniforms in the closets and high school sports trophies on the dressers. a lot of this stuff was going down during the menino administration. menino was the mayor who made this rule and at that time you had to live in city your whole career. that’s why so many cops bought houses in west roxbury and dot. i’m not sure if it is still is done this way. seems like this guy got caught and wasn’t happy with another cop following his orders and discovering the ruse. he’ll be fired when all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. he’ll probably be working as a security guard somewhere soon ( if he avoids a felony charge)

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At worst he'll retire young with bennys, clog the investigation with counter-claims of mental stress, be coddled and hugged right out the door until he's elevated to a position within the BPPA.

ALL on our dime.

He should be tried like any other scumbag on the street and arrested for threatening an officer.

"bAcK tHe bLuE"

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He forgot that only works on civilians.

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Lol he thinks sitting in his micropenis mobile is at all threatening instead of just pathetic and stereotypical. Sitting on his lazy ass in his protected metal cage. So tough!

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The busy body in me had to look up officer Morrissey’s pay for 2020 and 2021.

In 20 he was paid a total of $109k with $67k as “Injured”

In 21 he was paid a total of $122k with $50k as “Injured”

He must have been on paid leave for over 12 months between 20 and 21. It would be interesting to know how that happened.


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released .. on personal recognizance

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Just great for the cop assigned to investigate him and who reported the intimidation.

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Do you expect him to live in Boston on 120k per year? He needs to live in the more affordable Milton.

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