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Boston cop arrested on domestic-abuse charges

Boston Police report arresting one of their own around 2:40 this morning on charges of destruction of personal property and making threats against a family member.

Police said Roselyn LaCroix, who has been a BPD officer since 2006, will be arraigned Monday in Dorchester Municipal Court, which covers Dorchester and Mattapan.

Police say LaCroix was put on administrative leave and the BPD domestic-violence and anti-corruption units have started an investigation.

Innocent, etc.



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Oddly, there is no mention of this on Live Boston.

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Are you implying that Live Boston may have a hidden agenda in their editorial process!?!?


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The fact that uhub boosts/reposts content made by “Live Boston” is extremely disappointing in light of incidents like this. The individual implicated in this case is closely associated with live boston and has served as their “photographer” on a number of occasions.

The silence regarding this incident from “live boston” speaks volumes.

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looks like she makes 165-180k per year. i wonder how long her brothers and sisters in the union have been covering up for her behavior?

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