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Boston cop who is already facing charges of pointing a gun at family members pleads guilty to tax evasion over a winning scratchie

Suspended Boston cop Dana Lamb of Roslindale, already facing charges in state court that he pointed a gun at family members in an argument, pleaded guilty in federal court today to trying to skip out on the taxes he owed on a $10,000 winning lottery scratch ticket, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

According to the US Attorney's office, after Lamb, now 57, realized he had a winner in 2020, he sold it to a convenience-store operator for $7,500 in cash. That store owner then sold it to yet another person, who then cashed in the ticket, leaving Lamb with money he didn't report on his federal taxes - to the tune of some $1,800.

He now faces a possible federal prison term of one year and a fine of $10,000 on the charge of filing a false document with the IRS.

A sentencing date was not set.

The US Attorney's office says the person who ultimately cashed in the winning ticket "is known to the United States Attorney" but did not otherwise identify him or her.

The way the ticket was ultimately redeemed, however, is very similar to the method allegedly used by a Watertown man and his two sons to submit more than 10,000 winning lottery tickets to the Lottery Commission over a nine year period: After somebody won on a ticket, the store owner would offer to pay cash to save the person the trouble of going down to the commission offices for payment, then hand the ticket over to one of the Watertown men, who would run the tickets down to the commission, cash them in, then pay the store owner - after subtracting a fee of 10% or 20%.

Those men were indicted by a federal grand jury last year with conspiracy to defraud the government, conspiracy to launder money and filing false tax returns.

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"This does not meet the high standards we expect our officers to hold themselves to". But it does reflect what the public has come to expect of your officers.

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Cue the standard BPD union response, he's so misunderstood.

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He should've just given the ticket to one of his adult children who still live in the home as an incentive to find a place of their own.

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...you never get rid of the child.

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When citizens don’t pay taxes it’s theft.
When oligarchs don’t pay taxes it’s smart business !

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…. this wolf in lamb’s clothing.

No offense to wolves.

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You can't spell Dana Lamb without Bad Man

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Should we check to see if the boot lickers over at Live Boston have covered this? Maybe sent a cameraman to take 28 pictures of the studly cops doing their studly work?

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to see them post a mug shot too, like they enjoy doing with young men of color charged for anything they can dog whistle about.

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The real solution is getting rid of the lottery commission. Government should cover its budget by collecting taxes and fees, not by running a gambling enterprise.

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