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Boston firefighters battle blaze in old grandstand at Suffolk Downs; hampered by lack of water

Firefighters at Suffolk Downs

Firefighters at grandstand. Photo by BFD.

Boston firefighters responded to Suffolk Downs in East Boston shortly after 10 p.m. for what turned into a six-alarm fire in the former grandstand roof structure at the former racetrack.

Firefighters initially had problems finding the fire that was creating all the smoke they saw, but initially located it in the structure between the grandstand and a large structure, possibly a former luxury box, atop the roof.

They then had difficulty finding adequate sources of water with which to fight the fire. Shortly after 11 p.m., firefighters began using water from a hydrant at a Wendy's, off Furlong Drive in Revere.

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I recall there being a hydrant somewhere on the apron.

Also, the upper structure was the press box. Another vestige of old Boston damaged. I spent many a summer Wednesday blowing off my trivia writing duties to go sit in the grandstand and watch races all afternoon before going off to host trivia that night. Life was good back then. #23untilIdie

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