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Boston getting LED-powered 'gas' lamps

The Boston Sun reports on the Bay Village installation of a test electric lamp, designed to look like ye olde gas lamps, but with a new reduction of carbon emissions and a much longer lifespan.



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Thank goodness. I'm all for keeping outdated technology, but in this case the real gas lamps are a giant waste for the environment. And the prior project to retrofit electronic ignition so the flame wouldn't have to burn 24/7 (since we don't hire lamplighters to go around at dusk any more) put all kinds of visible wires and circuit boards in the lamp, which kind of ruins the effect of the historic lamp.

If the LED lamps are visually indistinguishable from real gas, I think they get the job done. Just as long as the cast iron pole, body, glass, etc aren't replaced with something totally fake looking.

Also, the article doesn't explain this clearly: "the new electrified streetlamp would emit light in the 2,400 Kelvin range to match the lighting level of existing gas streetlights." What they're talking about is the color. 2400K is more yellow (aka "warmer") than the typical soft white incandescent bulb or its LED equivalent, which are 2700K.

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(or you're walking around with a light meter in yer pocket) nobody is ever going to notice the difference.

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Maybe 2400 vs 2700 isn't noticeable to some people, or maybe it is. But glaring white LEDs are certainly noticeable. I won't buy any bulbs if they're over 2700.

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I can't stand the orange lights on Commonwealth Avenue. If they can get lights that are closer to 3000-3200 K, which is closer to the current gas lights, why not do it?

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Agreed orange lamps are just awful, usually that light source isn't from LEDs and has terrible color rendering. Even LEDs that are in the 2400K range (assuming they are close to the black body) will have much better quality of light. That said, anything that warm lacks the ability to render colors correctly because there is minimal blue and green coming from the source, but at least the LED sources will have a positive R9 value vs gas excitation light sources.

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I hope the Lamplighters Local 12009 Union takes action against this travesty of a decision.

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Take pride in the fact that in Massachusetts the gaslighters are unionized.

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My wife's Grandfather was a lamplighter. (Likely pre-union.)

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My elder 2nd cousin who passed recently, RIP, remembered watching lamplighters as a little kid Dorchester.

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The article in the Glob was worse than this.

Its always amazing to see people clam up when an idea is about to effect them.

Me: do you want to save the environment and the planet
them: of course I do
Me: OK, so we're gonna get rid of those gas lights in front of your house.

"do as I say., not as I do"

Anyone who isn't in favor of this mood is only worried about their home values. These lamps serve no other purpose than that, and nostalgia.

Yeah they are neat.. I get it. I was walking in the Fort Point during a black out and the only thing working was this sole gas lamp on Wormwood Street. Blackness all around, except this sole light. Was kinda neat.

But not enough to keep spewing crap into the atmosphere. Its time for them to go. They were removed from the rest of the city decades ago, now its time for the rest to go.

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