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Boston man goes across the river to rob a bank, gets arrested before he can hail an escape taxi, police say

Cambridge Police report arresting a Boston man who robbed the TD Bank branch at 1270 Massachusetts Ave. - before he could get into a taxi at the cab stand near Harvard's Smith Center to try to flee the area.

Jacob Pimentel, 31, of Dorchester, walked into the branch around 4:40 p.m. with a demand note, police say.

Officers from the Cambridge Police Department were able to locate and safely stop a suspect matching the description in the area of the Smith Center in Harvard Square after a reporting person indicated that the suspect was attempting to leave the area in a taxi.

He now faces arraignment in Cambridge District Court on a charge of unarmed robbery, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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...there are ones that are closer to the cab stand.

But then I remember the bank robbers who had a getaway car. When they tried to flee up Dunster Street, they found it blocked by a double-parked delivery truck.

Matt Damon remembered that robbery, too. In "The Town", the robbers tried to drive up Dunster too; unlike the real-life crooks, the fictional ones got through and escaped.

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Affleck, not Damon. Don't you dare pin that wreck of a movie on anyone else lol

Fun scene though!

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of Eddie Coyle", but it was a solid crime drama with a tremendous cast. The location shooting was a hoot, too, even if we locals know the geography of some scenes was impossible. That's just how movies are made.

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An MBTA bank robbery getaway vehicle escape plan; didn't work. A Boston BTDA vehicle bank robbery getaway vehicle escape plan didn't work.
I'm willing to bet that the next soon to be felon tries a Uber-like bank robbery getaway vehicle escape plan soon if they haven't already.

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or an Uber.

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...now the new Florida Man?

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