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BPS cancels school tomorrow

In what might be the least surprising snow day in awhile, a BPS system already hard hit by Covid-19, has announced no school tomorrow. Of course, they might have canceled school anyway, given that the bulk of the snow is expected to slam the area in the morning.


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I'm from a time when you got up early and listened to AM radio to find out if school was closed that morning. Given the staffing issues and student absenteeism (plus the snow) this is a good early call.

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My daughter needs to leave the house by 6:15 am in order to get to school on time. I am very grateful that they make these decisions the day before. And for parents of younger kids, it gives them time to try to make arrangements for child care, if needed.

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Actually, very much needed. In fact, we need a 1978 type blizzard to keep everyone home for a couple of weeks.

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Said half her teachers were out yesterday at the O'Bryant and some classes didn't even have substitutes, they just made them "study classes".... closure is coming.

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If most of the cases are mild or even asymptomatic (the "cases" are positive test results, after all), most of those were positive on Monday will be able to go back to the classroom come Monday, God willing.

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Per my BPS student, kids have to stay home for 10 days after a positive test due to BPS policies, not CDC guidelines. Is it different for teachers?

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regardless of symptoms, further positives, etc.

In some areas our policies are great. In other areas... wow.

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On Wednesday, the BPS Superintendent released new quarantine guidelines for positive staff. Staff shortages this week were pretty desperate in some schools. In summary:

Fully Vaccinated: 5 days + proof of negative rapid test

Unvaccinated: 7 days + proof of negative rapid test

Student's quarantine length remains at 10 days after a positive test or beginning of symptoms, whichever came first.

To add to the confusion, CDC guidelines have not yet been adopted.

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Sadly Magoo will not have a snow day. This makes Magoo so sad. :-(. Magoo.

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might be the least unsurprising snow day in awhile

Adam, I think you meant to say that the snow day is not a surprise, but that's not what you wrote.

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