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Brighton Thai restaurant to re-open with new name, owner

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday approved the sale of the closed Bangkok Bistro, 433 Washington St. in Brighton, to Piyawut Parinyawut, who will re-open it as BalaMao Restaurant.

At a hearing Wednesday, Parinyawut's attorney, David Wilensky, said Parinyawut might make some menu and decor changes, but otherwise will operate it similarly to Bangkok Bistro.

Wilensky said Bangkok Bistro closed "due to some family health issues."

Parinyawut was able to buy the restaurant with the proceeds from the sale of Mix-It, an Asian restaurant he had owned in Cambridge, Wilensky said.



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Used to order delivery from BB like once a week back when I lived nearby. Great food, did not help with my waistline! Hope the new spot is just as good.

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