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Brookline libraries shut today due to Covid-19 concerns

Public Library of Brookline Director Sara Slymon announced this morning:

Out of an abundance of caution, for the safety of our patrons and staff, the 3 locations of the Public Library of Brookline will be closed to the public today (January 3).

The Board of Library Trustees and the Library Director will be working diligently to evaluate the evolving COVID situation, and hope to re-open normally tomorrow.

The library's phone number and live online chat are operating today.

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Closed today, open tomorrow. Are Mondays more dangerous than Tuesdays?

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Schools are closed - more kids = more risk (since these are testing days for return to school).

They may have had a testing day for returning staff as well.

Finally, they might have had an outbreak and had too many exposed staffers in lockdown.

There are lots of NOT STUPID reasons to close today - and "but I don't liiiiiikkkkkeeeee it" is not one of them.

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I agree COVID situation is bad and likely will get worse before it gets better, however...
What was evolving for the library that will be markedly different tomorrow?
Indications of staffers exposed or calling out sick?
Concern that families would fill a non-school day by going to the library and having clusters of risky kids?

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