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Brookline public schools will be closed Monday; not enough healthy staff

The Public Schools of Brookline announced tonight it will not be re-opening schools on Monday, and that it's not all that sure yet about Tuesday:

At this time, we simply do not have the staffing capacity to operate all schools safely. While we understand that closing schools on Monday will be challenging for families, we believe this is in the best interest for our staff, students, and families and will allow us to return as safely and as strongly as possible. We will continue to monitor our capacity to reopen schools over the next 24 hours. An official announcement on any additional school closures will occur by the end of day tomorrow.

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When will we hear this from BPS because, ahem, it's gonna happen?

Boston schools should just go remote for at least the next month...

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Cuz that worked so well last time

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Today (1/3) is a PD day for BPS staff, and students are scheduled to return tomorrow. All staff members are supposed to receive a DESE-provided rapid test today and inform their school leaders if those come back positive before tomorrow morning...so I anticipate by late tonight BPS will be in the same situation as Brookline with too many positive staff for schools to function.

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Meanwhile, I am in Chelsea and there is no real plan to deal with this and I'm sure when I walk in this morning I'll be a mess. If there are any plans besides "be ready to cover classes everyday and maybe an administrator will cover class" no one else is aware of them. My expectations have already been set so low for this year that I'm honestly not surprised.

This may or may not surprise people but, at a certain percentage of people absent school ceases to function.

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Given the management v. labor disputes between the Brookline School Committee and the Brookline Educators Union, this might be a work action rather than fully due to illnesses. Sheer speculation on my part. I haven't spoken with anyone at BEU about it.

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You haven't noticed that there is a pandemic in its 3rd surge going on, have you?

Should the educators all say "Sorry, Boss, I understand Ike's parents want him out of the house so they can watch Judge Judy in peace" and head back in to satisfy you?

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You had a perfectly legitimate point that you could have made without the classist and other undertones.

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Please, get over yourself.

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