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Brookline shuts schools in advance of strike

Brookline School Superintenden Linus Guillory announced tonight he's ordered town schools shut tomorrow in advance of a likely strike by teachers.

The School Committee invited and the BEU accepted the offer to continue negotiating with the mediator late this afternoon; a fifth mediation session was previously scheduled for the evening of Monday, May 16. However, the parties have not agreed to a tentative agreement and the BEU has notified the PSB of its intention to strike Monday May 16th.

Given this action, the district has made the difficult decision to close all schools Monday, May 16. There will simply not be the staffing capacity to operate all schools safely, nor can PSB provide the structured education required by the state for the day to legally count as a school day.

School-closing FAQ.


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Hopefully it's over soon. The lack of respect for teachers is such a shame.

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