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Brookline teachers strike, picket Town Hall

Brookline teachers outside Town Hall

Teachers disregarded state law and that court order and walked off the job today. Turlach MacDonagh shows us some of the picketing action at Town Hall, including these possible music teachers jamming to encourage their fellow teachers.

The state labor-relations board today asked a Norfolk Superior Court judge to levy an initial fine of $50,000 against the Brookline Educators Union and its president Jessica Wender-Shubow if teachers do not return to work tomorrow, with the fine increasing by another $10,000 each day teachers remain off the job. The judge, who ordered teachers on Friday to obey state law and stop even talking about striking, scheduled a hearing for this afternoon.


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These fines are ultimately bullshit, right? Can't force a nonprofit to pay this, I'd think -- should be some easy ways for the union to maneuver around this. Declare bankruptcy and form teachers union v2, etc. It's not like they have any assets.

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What the (expletive) are these people doing anywhere near labor action? That town prints money. Pay your people.

Better yet, stop impregnating women, and then begging the community to help you raise the kid. That goes for everyone, not just Brookline.

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Public education isn’t a benefit we provide to parents or to kids; it’s an essential cost of civilization. These kids are going to design the airplanes on which you fly, treat you when you’re sick, and elect the people who run your government. It is you who are the primary beneficiary of quality public education, nor the kids in school or their parents.

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After all, they get a cut of every Brookline teacher's paycheck every pay period. But they can't just declare bankruptcy and create union 2.0 because union 2.0 wouldn't be the certified bargaining agent for the teachers until the process of choosing a new union through an election could be completed. It's not even clear they could avoid the fines through bankruptcy since the union has the power to increase dues to pay the fines.

Judges also don't like shenanigans aimed at circumventing their orders, so you might also see the leaders of the union facing fines.

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Unions are not poor.

Meanwhile, teachers in Lawrence and Fitchburg are making 20-30% less than those in Brookline.


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teachers in Lawrence and Fitchburg may have good reason to try and renegotiate their own contracts.

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they signed an agreement at 4am

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