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Brookline teen charged with setting Everett warehouse on fire - and then a house in Brookline

Everett fire

Everett fire, via Mass. Dept. of Fire Services.

The state Fire Marshal's office and Brookline Police report Michael Mambrino, 18, of Brookline faces charges related to a fire that destroyed an Everett warehouse and then another fire two days later in Brookline that firefighters were able to put out before it could cause substantial damage.

The state Fire Marshal's office reports Mambrino is charged with arson and causing injury to a firefighter for the Everett fire, which also heavily damaged a neighboring garage and which sent one firefighter to the hospital.

Brookline Police report he is also charged with setting a vacant house at 89 Woodland Rd. on fire around 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 25 that also injured a firefighter.

Police say an officer followed fresh footprints in the snow for more than a mile from the fire scene to a house on Shaw Road.

After an investigation and a search of the house, police arrested Mambrino for arson and for causing injury to a firefighter.

Innocent, etc.



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I saw part of this story on the Brookline Police Facebook page and couldn’t figure out how they followed the footprints from the house on Woodland Rd to Shaw Rd. It’s sort of far (over a mile) and across a busy road. Am I looking at the wrong roads?

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I'm not a Brookliner (Brooklinite?), but when I looked at the map, it seemed like there's a way to get from one street to the other entirely via a golf course and other green space. Not a route I'd take if I'd just set a house on fire, given how much snow there may have been, but then, I'm not (allegedly) setting things on fire all over the metro area, either, so who knows what could have been going through his mind at the time.

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I was wondering the same thing, it's such a long walk, especially in the middle of the night in way below freezing temps. Not a lot of foot traffic on any of the roads he would have taken though - I live very close. So maybe footprints stood out.

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Hope these are not the first two of many instances. Still, I’m hearing this song in my head:

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Some mental health care is called for more than likely.
Will he get some? Glad no injuries and promptly extinguished and nice tracking.
It must have been a relief when they led inside a house.

Only A Lad. "He really didn't mean it."

P.S. Just over a mile is not a long walk, and if you are dressed reasonably well and walking briskly you may even need to remove a layer.
Well, at least I do, as my blubber layer is not so easily removed.

Some young men in particular are not made of sugar. Snips and snails, I think puppy dog tails have been banned from use in boy production.

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