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BTD to remove bogus stop sign somebody put up at Dorchester intersection

Fake stop sign

Responding to a 311 complaint about a stop sign on Minot Street at Branton in Dorchester, BTD says it didn't put the sign up and will have a crew take it down.

The 311 filer actually asked that the sign be moved to a more prominent location, rather than hidden behind firebox light pole,mounted on the left on a "Do Not Enter" meant to keep people heading east on Minot from continuing past Branton, where Minot is a one-way heading west.

After reviewing this intersection we found a couple of discrepancies with the signs on Minot St at Branton St. The stop sign was not installed by BTD (as it is not warranted) and will be removed as soon as possible; we will also be removing the existing "NO LEFT TURN" as vehicles should be able to turn left onto Brantford St since it is a one way street towards Gallivan Blvd.


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Someone is getting creative with vigilante traffic calming.

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They should put up a sign telling them to stop it. That would make everyone happy.

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… on BTD’s claim.

Last year I made a 311 request that a mid block crosswalk on Tremont be painted again after the street was resurfaced. I got a response saying no crosswalk had ever existed there.
To be sure I hadn’t dreamt it, I found a pic on Google street view showing that one had. I got a polite response admitting the mistake but claiming that because there were no curb cuts, they couldn’t put the crosswalk back. The next time I was there I noticed the curb cuts still in place from before.

So now I just jay walk.

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to put out the reminder that the term "jaywalking" more or less means "walking across the street in a way that could inconvenience speeders".

The term was popularized in a campaign by the automotive industry -- IIRC, they wanted pedestrians off the roads so that there would be fewer deaths that would make drivers look bad. They created or appropriated this pejorative term to imply that pedestrians didn't even belong on roads except in specially marked places.

Before that, everyone had equal rights to the road.

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Always good to be reminded of that.
The original term was jay drivers.

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And Merriam-Webster provides some background: https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/why-is-it-called-jaywalking

For the first few years that it was in use jaywalker had little, if anything, to do with pedestrians crossing the street, and was used solely to scold those who lacked sidewalk etiquette.

I'm going to start calling lousy people on the sidewalk jaywalkers. To quote Randal in Clerks II, I'm taking it back.

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I have a neighbor who spends A LOT of time thinking about the streetscape in our neighborhood. He wanted a crosswalk added in a sensible place, but there were no handicap ramps in place, so the city said no. He worked and worked on them until, after a couple of years they came in and added ramps and then put in the crosswalk.

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If rules say we “cannot” have a crosswalk somewhere because there is no curb cut, then the ADA tail is wagging the common sense dog.

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I live nearby and this sign caught me off guard the other morning.
Further up on the right, on Saranac, somebody occasionally puts out a portable speed bump to slow traffic.
Probably a cop.

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Check out this DIY curb cut extension: https://goo.gl/maps/Xf41U29JDa8DgqP99

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Thank goodness they put a stop to this. We can't have people driving cautiously in Boston!

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