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Burglars target MacBook Pros in Allston/Brighton break-ins; police tell residents, especially college students, to lock their doors and windows

Last Thursday night, somebody walked in through an unlocked front door at one of those student houses on Ashford Street in the GAP and made off with five MacBook Pro laptops - and $400 in cash - Sgt. Edward McMahon told the Allston Civic Association this evening.

McMahon said there was a similar recent theft of five MacBook Pros at the BC end of the neighborhood.

"Kids they just don't lock the doors, and [the burglars] are going right through the unlocked doors," he said. He added wide-open screen windows prove a similar enticement to burglars, who stroll down streets looking for easy pickings. The answer, he said, is to keep door and windows locked.

"If you see any college kids in your neighborhood, remind them of that," he told ACA members.


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It's just about time for the annual "naïve suburban kids new to town" crime wave. The colleges try to warn 'em, but...

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Because having trust in people around you is such a flaw. Victim blaming much?

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Right on time, it's robo trying to pick a fight. Move along, li'l anklebiter, there's nothing to get pissy about a simple observation, and much to be gained in realizing as someone who is NOT a college student that there might be an uptick in crime right about now.

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