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Business in the front, condos in the back proposed for Huntington Avenue across from Mission Park

Rendering of proposed 804-814 Huntington Ave.

Rendering with ghost family by Stantec.

A developer has proposed a two-building project at 804-812 Huntington Ave. that would feature life sciences along Huntington Avenue and 23 residential units in the rear on what now consists of a parking lot, a vacant lot and an unused building where the Red Cross once took blood donations.

The Bulfinch Companies of the Back Bay says the combined 1.2-acre site would let it put up a three-story, 58,000-square-foot life-sciences R&D building with ground-floor retail space and a 38-space underground parking garage along Huntington Avenue. The residential building, which would front along Hillside Street, would have a 14-space garage.

A quarter of the parking spaces would come with hookups for battery-powered cars - and the rest would be able to accommodate installation of additional chargers.

The current condition of the Project Site is a void within the existing urban fabric of Mission Hill. The Project will revitalize a barren, underutilized site by creating a mixed-use development consistent with the scale, massing, and patterns of adjacent buildings and with an engaging and welcoming street front along Huntington Avenue. ...

The Proponent’s research of material used on Mission Hill revealed that there were quarries where local Roxbury puddingstone was shaped and fabricated. The patterns and marks left on quarried puddingstone have conceptually inspired the façade texture of the mixed-use Office/Lab/R&D Building’s façade. The façade is composed of a light earth toned masonry in multiple depths creating a compelling play of light and shadow while adding consistency using a material found in the adjacent context.

The condo building would have three studios, ten one-bedroom units, seven two-bedroom units and three units with three bedrooms. Three of the units will be sold as affordable.

804-812 Huntington Ave. filings and calendar.



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or should this be way taller than 3 stories in this spot? is there some weird quirk of downzoning here? because that would be super short compared to those apartments across the street.

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I used to work in that former blood bank building. It backs into the hill in such a way as to make it a bit tricky to work with. There are streets running behind the building a couple of stories up (used to park behind/on the roof) that make it kind of an odd fit.

It might have to do with drainage or some other geologic reason. We are talking enough concrete to make city hall blush set into a cliff.

In any case, it is an improvement on what is there now. The place is quite literally a bunker and it was useful for a big lab space but creepy for offices. It did feel comforting and secure on 9/11/01.

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From the drawing - it looks like the rooftop utilities/HVAC essentially add an extra floor. I agree build as tall as they can on Huntington Ave, but current proposal looks as tall as the surrounding buildings

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  • no birds (because they're not real)
  • crossing contrails- highly sus
  • sunny sky, wet road (or newly-waxed)
  • transparent parents transiting
  • one two three weeee!!!
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Hey at least they're right in a medical area when the kid's shoulder dislocates. Anyone know if the ER at Children's will see kids even if they can't be, uh, seen?

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Or overhead wires. I wonder how much the T paid this rendering firm, since they've always wanted to eliminate the Brigham Circle-Heath St street-running section.

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This must be after they dig that tunnel to put the E-Line underground.

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It was somewhere right near there...I was thinking it was Chet's Last Call, but that was by North Station. Stupid old brain can't remember all this important stuff.....

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The club was Ed Burkes. Had a Lot of Good Music there. Good Times.

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