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Car flips onto train tracks at Sullivan Square

Car on tracks at Sullivan Square

A woman whose car somehow flipped onto the tracks that run alongside the Orange Line at Sullivan Square early Saturday walked away largely unscathed, Live Boston reports. The cause of the crash remains under investigation; Live Boston reports another vehicle might have fled the scene.


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This is just nutso! Based on the pictures, it looks like the car landed just behind the upper busway, to the left of the Orange Line lobby. There's a high concrete wall running between the busway sidewalk and the tracks, so it would take quite a move to flip over that — and it's quite a distance down to the tracks. If it somehow fell off of 93, then it's a much greater distance to fall. Amazing that the driver survived.

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Truly one of the most evocative Boston images I've seen in a while.

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https://i0.wp.com/liveboston617.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/20220924-... (largest version of the image I can find)

Well, I was expecting to find an array of alcoholic beverage containers, but nothing that is obviously one.

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These gender-reveal antics are getting out of hand.

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either entering or exiting the Upside Down.

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Another masterful display of Masshole stunt driving.

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Was this drag racing? Is no one going to comment on the message on the side of the car? What is going on?

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Gender reveal gone wrong, I'd guess

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No way. Really? If it's that I...will lose it. Someone please find out so I can move on with my day.

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Spray painting random flipped cars on the tracks too?!?

(I don't know enough about drag racing culture but I'm willing to go along with SouthSt's theory here; the state of that car before it wound up there probably has something to do with why it wound up there...)

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and quickly decided I was just going to keep moving on to the next story. Sometimes, you know that no matter the explanation, it won't be worth the time or energy you put into thinking about it.

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