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Children's Hospital locked down after bomb threat called in couple weeks after doctors started getting death threats

Longwood Avenue shut in front of Children's. Photo by Curtis.

Update: Lockdown ended, police perimeter removed, hospital and Longwood Avenue re-opened around 9:55 p.m.

NBC Boston reports the bomb squad responded to the hospital after the threat was called in.

As of 9:20 p.m., police had set up a perimeter around the hospital and were limiting access to the building by patients, their families and staff. Boston EMS and other ambulance services were initially told to divert to other hospitals, but around 9:25 were notified they could resume bringing patients in - but via Binney Street, not Longwood Avenue.

Earlier this month, hospital doctors began getting death threats over fake stories spread online about the hospital's support services for transgender patients.



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I hope no child suffers severe consequences from delays getting emergency care due to this bomb threat. This must have been frightening for hospitalized children and their families.

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How many people are going to delay care for non-emergency, but yet still very vital treatment for their kids owing to these ongoing threats?

How many workers don't want to be the one getting blown up or shot because some animal can't cope with the thought that someone may not want to be Beth and wants to be George, not that Childrens does that?

That puts added stress onto a workforce which already sees the worst that can happen to kids.

We have already had John Salvi and the Brothers Tsarnaev in this town causing suffering for their crackpot beliefs. I don't want another.


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What's especially crazy is that the treatment for trans and think-they-might-be-trans *minors* is *blocking* puberty instead of letting anything irreversible happen before age 18.

Some of these extremists would probably want that for their own kids, if they knew what it was (the ones who want total control because they don't feel ready for their kids to grow and all that).

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Like those darn lesbians.


Summary of Findings
Substantial evidence from peer-reviewed scientific studies, case studies, and clinical trials suggests that puberty-blocking drugs can negatively affect the skeleton, cardiovascular system, thyroid, brain, genitals, reproductive system, digestive system, urinary tract, muscles, eyes, and immune system. Particularly urgent concerns for adolescents treated with puberty-blocking drugs are loss of bone mineral density and increased risk of osteoporosis; potential for decreased IQ and other cognitive deficits; increased risk of depression and suicidal thoughts; and stunted sexual and reproductive development.
Evidence suggests that many of these effects are wholly or partially irreversible.

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"Lesbians United" is a terf front, and they certainly do not speak for this lesbian or any lesbians I know.

Straight folks, don't try to use us as your bully club.

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Kkknow your astroTERF.

Bunch of rich (explitive deleted) who are as anxious about their femininity as your typical cosplay redneck lifted truck boy is packed with small D energy.

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would cause someone to threaten a children's hospital?

That is really low.

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The people who started spreading those lies knew they were lies. Even if someone believed the lies, that wouldn't justify death threats and bomb threats.

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The evil mentality calling in hospital bomb threats also put children in concentration camps in Texas, voted against funding for baby formula, against gay marriage, against universal healthcare, put a (at least one) rapist on the Supreme Court, etc. These acts are planned and deliberate. It’s called the Republican Party platform. And where’s our republican “leader” in all of this? Staying silent as his chauffeured limo with police escort cruises into town.

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That anti-liberal Tik Tok account deserves to pay a significant financial price, if not criminal price, for inciting violence against against a hospital for children.

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So does Matt Walsh who incites violence amongst his followers

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They need to start giving basic competency classes with all internet connections, this is getting ridiculous and now dangerous.

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The people organizing this know what they are doing. Maybe some of their readers are gullible suckers who can't tell the difference between truth and lies. (Some are moderately competent readers, who are only fooled by skilled liars. And some love any excuse to believe a bigoted idea.) But Chaya Raichik and Matt Walsh are not incompetent. Just like Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh before them, they are using media skills to hurt people.

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There was a post on instagram I saw that hinted at inciting violence towards hospitals that provide certain care to teens. I would start with documentary film maker Matt Walsh at mattwalshblog as he incites his followers for violence. Might be useful for any law enforcement who want leads as well

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The various platforms provide an incubator and recruiting ground for those who want to offer violent threats. The threats, and the actions, will not end until there are real, significant, "I don't want that to happen to me" consequences for the perpetrators, the actors, and the astroturfers behind it all.

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This site publishes blatantly transphobic comments as well as long as they're "polite." Adam, again, if the safety of trans people matters to you, I encourage you to delete these comments and ban transphobic posters.

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To me, "publishes" implies content produced by the site's owners, which is not the case. Perhaps you meant "platforms"?

I certainly don't disagree about the comments or what should be done about them or those who post them.

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It was a false alarm, meaning no actual threat, right? Why can't you report on facts?

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That Globe story was oddly written, made it sound like police declared it was a false alarm because no actual bomb was found, not that a bomb threat wasn't called in.

"The threat was reported about 8 p.m., and officers cleared the scene just before 10 p.m. according to David Estrada, a Boston police spokesman."

I mean, it's really, really good there was no bomb, but making a bomb threat is still a bad thing. There are laws against that, even.

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a bomb threat

so, yes, there was a threat.

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If I were to say to you, "I am going to punch you in the face," and then I never punch you in the face, I have still threatened you. If you call a hospital and say something like "I've placed a bomb in the hospital and it's going to go off in 15 minutes," even though you have never possessed a bomb and are likely nowhere near the hospital, you've still made a bomb threat.

The fact is that the local public safety authorities were lead to believe by means of a communicated threat that there existed a potential for an explosive device to be present at the hospital. The fact is that no such device was found. These are two facts that can coexist.

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as a political tool in these United States. It's now coming from across the spectrum, from the top down -- TFG has been notoriously shameless about inciting it against his perceived enemies large and small, including his political rivals, the press, even his own VP -- as well as the bottom up.

That's a key marker, a watershed in the country's ongoing slide into fascism. The extremists are driving the bus, and the sane people on the right are too craven to either jump off or take the wheel again.

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The so-called moderate republicans are all like our own trumpie turdlette charlie baker. Vocal only about the big issues where he can gain some political advantage without risking anything. He stays completely silent on 99% of the garbage HIS party spews virtually every minute of the day. Or that heinous thing liz cheney. She is anti-trump ONLY in word. She still manages to have a 93% pro-trumpie voting record.
Please stop touting these two enablers as good and decent people, because they are not, and when you do, you become part of the problem.

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I was arguing about Charlie Baker (as I am wont to do) with some friends. They said that OK sure he was a Republican but a fairly moderate one who did some good things for Massachusetts.

I said that, even if I accepted their argument about Charlie's good works (which is kind of hard to swallow as a regular T rider), the fact that he continues to be a member of the Republican party makes him complicit in their various crimes against democracy, humanity, and common decency.

He could quit that party any time he wanted, in the time it takes to fill out the paperwork. Every day that he doesn't constitutes an endorsement of their deeds. Far as I'm concerned, no matter what Charlie says, that "R" after his name is a scarlet letter. (Thus making this even more regionally appropriate.)

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is friendly with baker’s cousin who says baker’s ENTIRE FAMILY hates him. That should br good enough for anyone.

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is friendly with baker’s cousin who says baker’s ENTIRE FAMILY hates him.

Meaning what? That they're red hats who think he's a RINO? Or something else?

That should br good enough for anyone.

Good enough for anyone to do what?

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