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Chinatown's Hudson Street could get new restaurant, apartments

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans to replace a vacant lot at 12-12A Hudson St. with a new six-story building that would have a two-level restaurant and four one-bedroom apartments above it.

Victoria Wong's proposed building would go next to the old Ginza restaurant, where a new hot-pot place is going in.

The new building would have no parking spaces. Wong's attorney, George Morancy, said she agreed not to put a billboard atop the building and that none of the apartments would be allowed to be used for short-term rentals.

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Four apartments total, or per floor? It looks like a pretty big lot to only have one apartment per floor.

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Just one apartment per floor?

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It's a skinny lot.

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Would a project of that size trigger elevator requirements?

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It'll have an elevator.

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