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Chinese takeout place closes doors in the North End

Boston Restaurant Talk reports China House on Hanover Street has shut down.



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Love them! Very sad they're gone, hoping it was for reasons of their own choosing and not the wicked and fickle ways of Fortuna's mighty wheel.

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What is the best plan for a street with 600 Italian restaurants?? That's right, you open a Chinese restaurant. The guy never put a dime back into the business or location because he knew he didn't have to. Brilliant!

I bet folks are on the edge of their seats waiting for another Frank Despasquale venture to open up. Not!

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It is the little Italy of Boston.. the draw is having a million different options for bolognese. If you don’t want Italian, don’t go to the North End.

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If you live there you quickly grow tired of bolognese and anything Italian. This place is serving locals not tourist or visitors. That is why it worked for so long.

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That's too bad, I was a frequent customer when I lived close by. There really weren't that many options for dinner that gave you that kind of weight in food for your buck, and it was worth getting the weird side-eye from suburban tourists lined up outside The Daily Catch as I waited out on the sidewalk for my combination meal. Another institution never to be replaced.

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