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Citizen complaint of the day: Imagine the Purge on Newbury Street, what, you can't, because the city would never allow it there? Welcome to Allston

Blackened North Harvard Street in Allston

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about the dystopian darkness along North Harvard and Empire streets in Allston:

Y'all, it's NIGHT THREE of the streetlights oj N.Harvard to Empire Street being out. It's the purrrrrrge here. The picture doesn't do justice of how dark it is right now. Rat and vandal paradise. I have called EVERY night. It has ALL been out, Empire Street, too. It's the SAME ticket of Empire and N. Harvard and Eatonia to Cambridge Street in Allston. ALL of the lights are out. If this was Newbury Street, it wouldn't have been out this long


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At least there are the occasional car headlights and apartment lights keeping it from complete stygian darkness. Try to imagine what it was like in colonial times when Alston was part of the City of Watertown.

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Allston was never part of Watertown.

Was part of Cambridge.

Brighton and hence Allston was actually known as Little Cambridge when it was part of Cambridge.

In the 1800's, the fastest was to get to Boston from Allston was up what is now Western Avenue, down Main Street and across the bridge where the Longfellow is now.

The other was was down Harvard to Brookline Village, around Mission Hill and up Washington through Roxbury. Look up William Dawes' ride to see just how long it took.

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I surprised you didn't turn a phrase, such as, let them eat cake.

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This man is clearly overcome by fear and it has affected his ability to be reasonable.

Relax, pal. The world is not out to get you, no matter how much you see TV telling you that.

In fact, it’s probably best for your mental health to stop watching it

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I mean, the lights are there for a reason, and it's not like it's a single light out. Someone needs to fix this. Adding in the stuff about Newbury Street and the Purge is just theatrics.

I mean, the post ended up here, so there's that.

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