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Citizen complaint of the day: Leiningen vs. the rats in Dorchester

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about the Bakersfield Street/Kelvin Road area in Dorchester, that reads like a summary of the story about the guy in the Amazon, only with rats instead of ants. Complete with photo of five traps atop a trash bin showing, rather graphically, how four of the traps were activated successfully.

My neighbors and I are catching multiple rats in our traps daily. Dead rats are being found in the surrounding streets. Lots of rats are seen running around and burrowing (living?) on the Kelvin road backyards. Something needs to be done. Please do something to help!


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Dot Rats are not the same as other rats in the City. Once a Dot Rat always a Dot Rat.

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I had a rat run into my shoes while I was sitting on a bench in Mission Park and just last night one ran directly up to me while sitting on the wall in the Forest Hills upper busway. Ran right between my legs and the wall. Every neighborhoods rats seem to be getting bolder and bolder everyday in Boston.

I wonder how the wharf rats are making out in the new Columbia Point neighborhood? Back in the late 1970's that area was famous for the ginormous sizes on its rats. They mostly hung out among the rocks bordering the harbor though, not in the actual people living areas.

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