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The City that Always Sleeps: No extra late-night pizza delivery in Andrew Square

In the face of overwhelming neighborhood opposition, the owner of an Old Colony Avenue pizza place yesterday withdrew his request to extend its weekend delivery hours from 11 p.m. to 2:45 a.m.

"App withdrawn. TY neighbors!" City Council President Ed Flynn tweeted after getting the news.

The last thing Andrew Square needs is a late-night pizza operation in an area besieged by Mass & Cass refugees, Flynn wrote the Boston Licensing Board, before a hearing scheduled for yesterday morning on Supreme owner Sanae Zerhouni's proposal to extend his hours, for delivery only, until 2:45 a.m. Thursday through Sunday.

Flynn's letter does not mention whether there are any adverse effects from another Andrew Square pizza place that already delivers until 2:30 a.m., but says Supreme, at 313 Old Colony Ave. would only make things worse:

This proposal has received overwhelming opposition from neighbors, who are concerned about the negative impact to their quality of life, especially as the area around Supreme House of Pizza is currently a location of significant quality of life concerns spilling over from the Mass & Cass area.

He added it was not surprising the Andrew Square Civic Association voted unanimously to oppose the Supreme request:

In particular, residents are concerned that the extension of hours will exacerbate existing quality of life concerns, as well as mental and behavioral issues in the area, that deliveries will impact the residential building behind the shop, and that the owner shows lack of willingness in maintaining their property. Changing its closing hours will be detrimental to the neighborhood and is completely unwanted by the neighbors.

H/t J.W. for awakening the UHub mobile action news unit, which initially slept right through this news.



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Crackheads, drunks, addicts, homeless, and mentally ill can run wild in Andrew Square at all hours of the day and night with zero repercussions, but you can’t get pizza delivered after midnight. A quintessential Boston story.

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repercussions :-/

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The pizza signs came down about ten days ago. The owner has other ideas. He's got a hearing with the cannabis board tonight to open up a pot shop. I doubt this will get a better reception.


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In my day it was always cannabis first, pizza afterwards.

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the city says you cant buy pizza because the city does not want to do anything about the "quality of life" issues. Pizza will make everything worse! In fact, pizza is the problem here. City should ban pizza all together. Its a public health nuisance like menthol cigarettes.

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If it is open only for deliveries, with no walk-up or drive-up purchases allowed, how can it have any effect on any neighbors at all?

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Since this will be one of the only food options around at that hour, one could imagine 10 drivers queuing up, double-parking, idling, honking, talking loudly, playing their music. Hey I'm all in favor of late night dining options, but there ARE legitimate concerns for people living nearby.

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I've driven for uber eats. No one does any of that other than idling and playing music.

I guess double parking but it's 2 am- who cares?

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I've seen news stories about that sort of thing. I think it was about grocery delivery in NYC or something, but it was the same gig economy car & driver issues.

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They should not be idling or playing music. Especially at night.

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Neighborhood civic groups rarely have the best interests of the neighborhood, they just want to tell you how many decades they’ve lived at their address and how everything will cause traffic.

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Red Line pizza is popular with the neighbors, Supreme is a daylong eyesore and there's no need to continue it until 3am.

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In Ed's face, apparently

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