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City Council approves Wu's overhaul of Zoning Board of Appeal

The Dorchester Reporter reports on today's vote by the council.

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This was not an overhaul. She made sure Walsh's appointees were not voted in, meaning that she was able to appoint all of the members.

Other than projects that had the support of the ZBA, but not the right number of votes, now being able to be approved, I don't envision any changes. Every zoning board basically works the same, and the only way to change that is to either toss out zoning entirely or enforce the code without exceptions.

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the chinatown neighborhood council can't be trusted with their chairwoman on the zba too. Resign from one Dong.

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All ZBA members are from Boston, and unlike those from outside the City who try to tell residents that parking is not an issue and streets aren’t for the use of those with vehicles, they understand that something has to be done for the residents who rely on their cars for day to day living.

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If this article is a good indication, it looks like parking preservation and favoring union labor will be the top priorities of this new board; just like the previous one. Hardly any mention of making the city more affordable and healthier to all. That's not what I was voting for when I cast my ballot for Wu a year ago.

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You voted Democrat. You got the expected outcome.

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Magoo is pleased to announce that Magoo is now a member of the ZBA. Whoo is Magoo? Magoo.

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