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The City that Only Mostly Sleeps: BU students will soon be able to get tacos until 3 a.m.

The Boston Licensing Board today unanimously approved a request from El Jefe's Taqueria to remain open until 3 a.m. at its outlet on Commonwealth Avenue near the Agganis Arena.

The board noted concerns from Boston University and Boston Police about barflies spilling down Comm. Ave., but said El Jefe's owner John Schall convinced them that is not his market, that he expects to be serving BU students and third-shift workers in need of cheap yet nutritious food.

Although BU Police Chief Kelly Nee said tacos until 3 a.m. would change the character of the neighborhood, and that there are no other places in the area open that late, there are two Domino's focused on BU students that offer pizza until 3 a.m., via delivery. In fact, BU promotes them.

The BU-area taco place will join El Jefe's Northeastern-area outlet in remaining open until 3 a.m. Another outlet at Emerson is open until 2; one serving Harvard, across the river, is open until 4.

Also approved today: Delivery service for between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday for Turkish Lazuri Cafe, 487 Cambridge St. in Allston, which says the later delivery hours would let it serve a demand for food from local Harvard, BU, BC and Suffolk students.



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Good. Those cops should stop sticking their noses in things that aren't their business. If you don't like a taco shop being open late then simply don't go there.

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I would absolutely LOVE to box you. Incredible you are.

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I guess using your logic I can say that you shouldn't be sticking your nose into things involving motor vehicles. If you don't like them, just don't use them.

Meanwhile, though I don't disagree with this decision, the cops had to weigh in with their concerns, which given that the Paradise is a few blocks away might have some validity.

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We shouldn’t force people to go home just because it might create more work for first responders.

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More late night food options would really improve the overall livability of this city for off hour workers, students, and people having a good time, and hey, they need to eat too.

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Our local BPD will now have a place to hang out when there is nothing else to do. Was the actual reason a BPD wasted real estate tax dollars arguing against it the fear that they would not get their share of tacos?

A taco and coffee is much healthier than a donut and coffee.

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