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Closed Cleary Square bridge could be re-opened this fall

The River Street bridge, the closing of which made traffic in Hyde Park's Cleary Square even worse than it already was, could be repaired and re-opened this fall, state Rep. Rob Consalvo reported today.

Consalvo says MassDOT has been having issues just being able to strip away parts of the bridge for a thorough investigation because there are only one to two hours a night when they can work without having to worry about high-speed Amtrak and lower-speed MBTA trains. But he adds:

On a parallel path, they are working with their contractor to order material and get their construction plans in place. At this time, they are looking at a full replacement of all stringers and some repairs to the existing floor beams in addition to all new decking. Barring any additional surprises, the work is hoped to be completed sometime in the Fall.


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