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Condos could replace garage turned church on Geneva Avenue in Grove Hall

66 Geneva Ave. rendering

Rendering by Sol and Associates.

Restaurant owner and developer Solmon Chowdhury has filed plans to replace the building that now houses the New Faith Missionary Baptist Church, across from Burke High School at 66 Geneva Ave. in Dorchester, with a five-story, 50-unit condo building.

In a filing with the BPDA, Chowdhury says three of the units would have three bedrooms, while eight of the units would be sold as affordable.

His proposal calls for 17 parking spaces, saying the project is "transit oriented" because it's on one bus route and about a quarter-mile walk from the Four Corners/Geneva stop on the Fairmount Line.

66 Geneva Ave. filings and calendar.


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…is what’s known as freaking scary architecture.

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They would never allow a soulless project-looking building like that anywhere else in the city. I hope it gets denied and RE designed.

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It looks just like the same cookie-cutter buildings that have been built all over the country, including the rest of Boston. This isn't exclusive to Dorchester in any way.

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It's based on the timeless "Plastic Building Bricks - 1 Book" from the 1967 S&H Green Stamps catalog.

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As someone familiar with the area, I'd say that this preliminary drawing isn't far from to the nearest apartment buildings at the corner of Geneva and Bishop Joe L. Smith Way. Nothing flashy about these century-old buildings but nothing terrible either. I certainly prefer that to the downtown or Seaport glass monoliths.

The developer looks like he is playing it safe by going "contextual" -a typical request from the city planners.

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