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Congolese brunch place opens in the North End

Shasa Cafe

Adam Castiglioni reports that Shasa Cafe, a "French-Congolese fusion brunch restaurant" opened last week at 115 Salem St..



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Bonne Chance

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With such a limited (but interesting!) menu and operating hours? Pet project of the new mega millions billionaire?

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look at Mike & Patty's. They have very limited menus, open at 8 Am or so and close by 2 PM. They're up to 4 locations at present.

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Those hours do not reflect an owner that needs to hustle to make rent. The menu doesn't reflect an owner who visits other restaurants very often. Enjoy your hobby restaurant!

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Fifteen or so years ago, I had a Nigerian immigrant coworker who had to search far and wide for an available caterer to provide customary dishes for her wedding feast. If you have the cuisine, and there is a community of people who want that cuisine, catering is can be your mainstay while you build out your retail business.

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There's not a ton of competition around there for breakfast/brunch/lunch (well, not as much as there is for dinner, anyway), so open in a limited fashion for limited hours to build up a reputation before you try to convince the North End crowd to forgo their overpriced pasta for Congolese food.

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Thanks but no thanks!

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