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Connectorbun rescued

Rabbit on the Leverett Connector

Enoch Pratt reports this baby bunny was running up the Leverett Connector today when a woman stopped, jumped out and managed to scoop up the bun and get it off the highway.

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Wascally Wabbit

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is the tiny superhero we didn't know we needed!

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You can bet that you'll have fun
Watching all those greyhounds run
At Taunton Dog Track every night
If it's fun you're looking for
Come on out Route 44
To the home of the American greyhound derby
Taunton! [arf arf arf!]
Taunton Dog Track!"

(An AM radio jingle burned into my young brain. For reasons no one can now remember, a high school football teammate of mine and I sang this on the bus to every away game for luck. The team always responded with thunderous hooting, hollering and applause. I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday, but that inane moment will always stick with me.)

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A leveret is a young hare. Perhaps this rabbit was just aspiring to greater things.

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For making that connection!

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We're planning on leaving a trail of coyote chow along the Neponset from the Blue Hills to restore some balance to the ecosystem. Of course we might lose a shih tzu or two, but hey.

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Bunnies are everywhere in my neighborhood in HP.

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