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Copley Square was all in for the Celtics tonight, but then the fights began

Copley Square watch party

At 10:38 p.m., Frank Solensky posted a photo of hundreds of people watching the Celtics play on a wicked big screen in Copley Square.

Within 20 minutes, though, police found themselves breaking up fights along St. James Avenue. Two people were hit in the head with bottles. More people were injured. Police asked EMS to set up a triage area.

It remained peaceful inside the Copley Plaza:



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And I'm thankful for that. Boston is really just completely allergic to civility at this point.

As for "no family friendly event", what precisely was this Tweeter expecting at 9 PM on Friday night in a city of people who are childless for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, their relative youth, and to the fact that there's no money left to feed kids after paying Boston rents?

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Good. I can remember trooping off to the old Garden in the 80s, and it was certainly more than this, all chants aside. Enjoy wherever you go, Boston will be just fine on its own.

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I (expletive) hope so.

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I too have left cities. New York. San Diego. Even DC

Now, if I still spent my time posting on a local site about how said city was much better "in my day" then I'd probably need to re-evaluate where I'm at spiritually and practically.

It's telling that you never say "It's better [town] than Boston because..." it's always vague attacks and grumblings about your perceived grievances on things that literally don't affect you anymore.

Seriously, Will. WHY are you still on this site?

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Matty's name is still on the Kiss 108 morning show.

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I too yearn for the warm puddles of urine streaming underfoot at the old Garden. Dodging the vomit, the fights, but alas the Good Old Days are gone.

Tis' a faint memory of that unspoiled Arboreal Dell of golden piss weaving through crumbling rotted infrastructure toward the mighty rusty rotten river of filth that is Causeway.

Will, seriously.

These halcyion days you pine for never existed.

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Given the Boston of my youth, this comes across like pearl clutching. I don’t dispute that stress and tempers are elevated, whether it be from the pandemic, economic stress, other stress, Boston today is a delightfully safe place compared to the Boston of my youth. The Back Bay and the South End had abandoned houses and my neighborhoods (Charlestown, Southie) were dilapidated, rife with crime and between the cops and the non-cops, you couldn’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.

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I wonder if this was the type of Police OT you are trying to cut back? Looks like it was a good thing BPD was there.

* I’d fully support limiting OT via hiring more officers. But we need the presence one way or the other, which our city council seems to over look.

** Go Celts!

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