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Covid-19 delays construction of Readville apartment complex

Rendering of proposed 36-40 Sprague St.

Sprague Street to the left.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today gave a developer an extra year to start construction of a proposed 247-unit apartment complex just south of the Readville train station and the Sprague Street Bridge, down the hill from Sprague Street.

At a hearing this morning, John Pulgini, attorney for developer Jordan Warshaw, requested the extension because Covid-19 issues have delayed completion of the construction plans and soil testing Warshaw needs to submit to lenders for financing.

Warshaw won board approval last April for a two-building complex that will also include a large fitness facility, a coffee shop, a sports lounge, a daycare center and a work-share space for residents.

The board's vote means Warshaw now has until April 30, 2023 to start construction.

Warshaw first proposed a 650-unit, five-building complex in 2016.

The proposal is one of two for apartment complexes near the Readville train station. Another developer won approval in June for a 273-unit complex along Hyde Park Avenue near the Father Hart/Milton Street Bridge.

36-40 Sprague St. BPDA filings.


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They're advertising that cars will park on the sidewalk?

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That's not a sidewalk, it's Horne St. which the developer is proposing to re-surface with pavers. It's the only road to the site (there's no direct access from Sprague St. due to the sharp incline) and will host the building entrances and provide access to the parking garage.

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