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Dawn wasn't the only thing breaking on 128 in Needham this morning

Flipped car on a 128 offramp in Needham

Photo by State Police.

State Police report a driver rolled his or her car at Exit 35C on 128 southbound in Needham this morning. The driver wasn't injured, the ramp had to be shut briefly so the car could be flipped over and towed away.

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Looks like a 2009 Toyota Corolla

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I bet they were unclear on which lane to be in and tried to jerk the wheel to switch lanes. Regular users of that exit are often cut off by people who are exiting or entering who don't know which lane they should be in.

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Not physically but if it were me I’d be psychologically traumatized. As would likely any other driver who may have narrowly missed a collision.

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I'm glad they're still around.

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I used to go there often for amateur radio gear and hope they are still hanging in there today...

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And that's why I'm not a firefighter.

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