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Dedham loses a breakfast place

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Small Batch Cafe, which made its own bacon, on Washington Street southbound just before the Dedham Mall, has closed for good. It opened just a few months before the pandemic hit.



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Oh no.

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Great spot and one of thee best breakfast sandwiches anywhere. Fresh and locally sourced. The news came as a shock, but they were in an awkward location. I wish them the best in any future venture.

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They had great food as did the prior owner.

Hope they give it another shot at a better location. Plenty of recently empty storefronts, and more to come with the looming recession.

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It's not a good location. A prime example of the many "mixed use" new buildings with first floor commercial space that isn't particularly walkable or accessible.

I hope they'll try re-opening on Centre St/Belgrade Ave or closer to Roslindale Village. There are so many empty spots these days and the food was great.

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Seeing that you can’t cross the median on Washington St., drivers heading into the city in the morning would be on the wrong side to get to the restaurant, and then struggle to head north after getting their breakfast.

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