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Developer that built condos on long abandoned Oak Square lot wants to do the same on the equally abandoned lot next door

Saracen Properties of Waltham says it will soon file plans for a 70-unit condo building at 75 Tremont St. in Brighton - next to the 62-unit condo building it built at 99 Tremont St. a few years ago.

Saracen has a deal to purchase what is now an overgrown, vacant lot from the Archdiocese of Boston. The lot borders the former Presentation Church property up the hill on Washington Street, which a residential developer from West Roxbury bought last year.

In a "letter of intent" filed with the BPDA, Saracen says it will aim its new condos at both families and "mature buyers seeking to downsize in Brighton," and will build 74 parking spaces, in both a garage and a parking lot.

75 Tremont St. filings and calendar.

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I always assumed that lot never got developed because it’s so steep. How are they handling the slope in the design?

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