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Developer to file plans for 165 residential units in two buildings between Blue Hill Avenue and River Street in Mattapan Square

Developer Rise Together has told the BPDA it will soon file detailed plans for two six-story residential buildings, one to replace a repair garage at 1590 Blue Hill Ave., the other behind it on River Street.

The Blue Hill Avenue building would have 65 residential units and a "locally owned and operated family-style sit-down restaurant," while the River Street building would have 100 residential units and a 44-space parking garage, the developer says in a "letter of intent" filed with the BPDA.

1590 Blue Hill Ave. filings and calendar.



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Two blocks to the Mattapan Trolley, two blocks to the commuter rail. Really hope this doesn’t get nixed over parking.

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so it actually has parking maximums! 0-.75 for rentals, 0-1 for condos in that part of Mattapan. I’m not familiar enough with article 80 though to say whether minimums still apply.

love to see a bigger project like this, especially one that’s taking over an auto garage instead of existing homes

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