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Developer to file plans for two life-sciences buildings on Washington Street in the South End

Developer Ron Druker told the BPDA yesterday that he will file plans in February for nearly 600,000 square feet of life-sciences lab space in two buildings at 1033-1035 Washington St. that reaches to Shawmut Avenue in the South End.

In a letter of intent, Druker wrote the buildings would replace a one-story building and parking lot and that each would each be about 150 feet tall. The project would include ground-floor retail and restaurant space, room for a community or non-profit concern and two levels of underground parking.

1033-1055 Washington St. filings and meeting schedule.



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A suburban office park in Boston

This development should be the three center buildings - the left is 80EB, about to start construction.

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I wonder what monstrosity they'll create there? I hope they have a strong bio-containment unit.

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