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Developer proposes apartment building in Nubian Square, down the block from another apartment building he's putting up

1 Taber St. rendering

Rendering of view from Warren and Taber by Hresko Associates.

Developer Klaus Kimel has filed plans for a six-story, 40-unit, $11.3-million apartment building with three storefronts on Warren and Taber streets - down the block from the six-story building he's building at Taber and Harrison Avenue.

In his plans, filed with the BPDA last week, Kimel says the units would be a mix of one- and two-bedroom units. Seven would be income restricted, to people making between 80% and 100% of the Boston area median income.

The 1 Taber St. project, which would involve razing an existing one-story commercial building on the lot, should take 18 months to complete, the proposal states.

1 Taber St. filings and calendar.



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Everyone else developing in that area is doing the hard work of finding alternate funding methods to provide real affordability. This white guy is not aligned with the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan at all (https://www.bostonplans.org/planning/planning-initiatives/roxbury-strate...)

and he has zero qualms about being an agent of substantial gentrification.

BPDA should reject this im sure a more community-oriented developer will come along, IDK if it is city-owned but if it is they should put out an RFP if they havent already.

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Jay doesn't like white guys so make sure you don't let any of them go through the legal process of getting approval to build on property they own.

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Those little store mannikin people are white!

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