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Developer proposes five-story residential building on Roslindale/West Roxbury line where charter school was once planned

The Dedham developer that once would have built a charter school at the old Clay car dealership on Belgrade Avenue told the BPDA this week it now plans to build a far larger five-story residential building on the site.

Nearby residents, who formed a neighborhood association to fight off the proposed Roxbury Prep high school on grounds it would lead to horrible traffic along Belgrade and West Roxbury Parkway, will now have to deal with a 129,000-square-foot proposal, rather than the roughly 50,000-square foot school plan.

But in a letter of intent filed with the BPDA, Upton+Partners says it is only giving the people what they said they wanted: A residential building instead of a school that would have students coming into the area from other Boston neighborhoods. Because of this, Upton says it is optimistic for "a positive outcome" on the project.

Upton says its detailed plans will include 86 parking spaces on the site, which is next to a Needham Line stop and along bus routes to and from Forest Hills.

Because of the project's size, Upton will have to file detailed traffic studies of the area.

361 Belgrade Ave. filings and calendar.



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hope this gets approved (maybe with even less parking / more units! #makeBelgradeACanyon). would love to see how the Rozzie NIMBYs react to this. I don’t get out to exodus enough, but I love seeing BOD (bagel-oriented development).

anyone know if this is big enough to go through large project review instead of the standard process?

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So traffic studies, IAG, etc.

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The majority of folks that were against the Charter school - and formed the 'neighborhood' group were from West Roxbury. I don't anticipate Roslindale residents will be averse to housing on the site. If anything, they likely would dissaprove of the number of parking spaces. Given the building is on the Commuter Rail, several bus lines and easy walk access to Roche Bros/Center Street; this project could totally eliminate parking from the plan.

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Who somehow mostly lived in the same apartment buildings that had be Essabi-George signs on them (almost like it was actually being pushed by the building owners), don't care about traffic if it's cars being driven by white middle class 'yuppies.'

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They’ll decide that Clay Automotive has historic significance and can’t be touched.

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If you call it Clay you’re not worried about history of the area. Or from the area.

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You're one of those people who stand up at community meetings and start by saying how long you and your parents and grandparents have lived in the neighborhood, aren't you?

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Serves them right! I hope that area becomes gridlocked for eternity.

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