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Diners on Hudson Street in Chinatown could soon have three new options for getting a drink with their food

The Boston Licensing Board today approved plans by three restaurants on Hudson Street to purchase liquor licenses from shuttered restaurants elsewhere in the city.

The board approved a proposal by DW Cafe, a 22-seat basement restaurant at 23B Hudson St. with an 11 p.m. closing time to buy the beer, wine and liqueurs license from Hopster's on Sleeper Street.

"I think this neighborhood can support another license of this type," board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce said.

The board also approved a request from Jumbo Seafood, 5 Hudson St., to buy the beer and wine license of the defunct 100% Delicias restaurant in Hyde Park for a 49-seat restaurant.

Also approved: Dailongy Hot Pot, Inc.'s request to buy the beer, wine and liqueurs license from the Ginger Exchange on Tremont Street to open a new 99-seat hot-pot place, to be called Dynasty Hot Pot, at 14B Hudson St., where Ginza closed years ago. The board set a closing time of midnight.



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… Die Nasty!
But seriously. I’m glad for these restaurants.

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