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Dog paddling in the Charles

Man and dog in canoe pass goose in the Charles River in Dedham

Mary Ellen spent some golden-hour time this morning along the Charles in Dedham, where she spotted a man paddling in a canoe with his dog while passing a goose.



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I thought it was going to be a picture of the dog paddling while the man lazed happily trailing his hand in the water while looking at the sky.

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a woman on the Charles on a paddleboard, with her dog swimming out in front, leashed to the board, pulling her along. She looked like a goddess in her chariot, drawn by her valiant steed. Sort of.

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Back in the 1860s, you could watch a captive whale pull a woman in a little boat around a tank at the Aquarial Gardens in Downtown Crossing. It was the subject of a HUB History podcast a while back: http://www.hubhistory.com/episodes/whale-watching-...

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Pass the goose, and the mashed potatoes, please.

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I know, I know ... the bird needs to be dead for that.

Good doggo for not chasing the bird.

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