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Dorchester man charged with punching pregnant girlfriend repeatedly in the face and stomach, then lifting her and throwing her to the ground after an argument over a TV remote

A Dorchester man was arraigned yesterday on six counts of assault and battery of a pregnant woman, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and strangulation of a pregnant woman after allegedly going berserk when his girlfriend at first refused to give him the TV remote on April 17, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

A judge in Roxbury Municipal Court ordered Corey Samuel, 36, held without bail at least until a dangerousness hearing tomorrow, the DA's office says.

According to the DA's office, the attack left the woman with two black eyes, a bruised throat and bruises and scrapes on her right arm and knee:

The victim told police that on April 17 she and Samuel had been watching television together when he asked for the remote. When she refused, he turned up the volume on his cell phone to drown out the sound of the TV. The victim gave Samuel the remote to avoid confrontation.

The defendant threw the remote across the room and grabbed the victim, twisting her wrist and forearm. She hit him in the face to free herself from his grip, and he responded by striking her three times, once in each eye, and once in the back of the head. The victim told him to leave, but Samuel continued his assault, punching her three times in the stomach, then in the right side of her ribs, where she was still experiencing discomfort at the time of the interview. He then put her in a chokehold for four to five seconds.

The victim exited the room. She saw a friend pull up in a car, and she asked him to help remove Samuel from the house. Samuel then approached the victim and her friend. When the friend tried to intervene, the Samuel hit the victim three more times, once on the nose and twice on the head. He then lifted her into the air and slammed her to the ground, causing her knee injuries. Samuel again attempted to reach the victim, but her friend restrained him, allowing the victim to return to the house.

Innocent, etc.



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he seems nice & a winner of a bf /snark

jfc dude, hitting a pregnant woman? How low do you have to go?

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Anger issues with zero impulse control

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My guess is he doesn’t want the baby and is resentful about the child support he’ll have to pay, if he fathered it. Plus, not getting any of what he probably thinks he is entitled to, if sex isn’t comfortable or appealing to her.
Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to domestic violence.

I fear for this woman.

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That’s a lot of assumptions in a little I’m not hating or judging you bro, just observing. Good imagination for sure.

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I feel sorry for the kid too.

Lifetime of issues if that dude is around in their life..

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With proper justice and support for the family, that will not happen.

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But he may want the baby because babies can be used to control women.

Attacks often increase when a woman is pregnant.

I hope he rots in jail and that she is able to permanently be rid of him.

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