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Dorchester man who was shot at South Shore Plaza has died

WBZ reports that Dijoun Beasley, 26, of Dorchester, who was shot Saturday afternoon at the mall in Braintree has died.

His suspected shooter ran away and has yet to be arrested.

Beasley himself was awaiting trial on gun charges and had a record of violence and drug distribution.

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And RIP to the South Shore Plaza do to the shootings and the shoplifting.

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What a needless, senseless death.

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I hope he gets treated in court like Kyle Rittenhouse.

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Please explain what exactly you mean for us up in the cheap seats.

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-Kyle Rittenhouse had a firearm that he wasn't supposed to be carrying (in this case, because of his age). This shooter, considering our gun laws, probably wasn't supposed to be carrying his firearm either.

-Kyle Rittenhouse killed a pedophile. This guy killed a man who, as cited in a link in the story, had a 17-year old accomplice involved in his gun-toting and drug dealing.

Perhaps there will be more if and when we find the shooter, but for now, as with Rittenhouse, this shooter did what our cops, courts, and jurors couldn't and wouldn't do: Ended a scummy recidivist.

We'll see where the shooter ends up on a scale of Kyle Rittenhouse (a satisfying vigilante result perpetrated by a douchebag) to George Zimmerman (a vigilante killing that should have never happened perpetrated by a douchebag), which isn't a scale that I would ever want to be on, but the trigger's been pulled. I'm just rooting for a fair and speedy trial here.

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Is the point of this piece that you're pro-vigilantism against people who you happen to deem unfavorable?

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Is that I hope that this shooter gets a fair trial, and that, if he asserts self-defense, he is treated the same as Mr. Rittenhouse was.

We should all behave within the confines of laws, but the deaths of undesirables are happy accidents.

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And I am assuming that you are working on the assumption that the deceased initiated the incident and that the perpetrator will be claiming self defense. Anyway, Massachusetts has vastly different laws relating to self defense, so even stripping down the charged nature of the case, Rittenhouse would have probably been found guilty in Massachusetts (per this guy)

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It looks like gang/ drug shooting not a self defense case.

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was a gang shooting. Rittenhouse was just lucky that he was with the right gang.

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But this reply says otherwise.

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The news reports have contained detailed descriptions of the subject provided by the police, like:

  • man
  • male

I can't see how they haven't rounded up the shooter by now.

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A man has past away, was in important to provide his criminal background?

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There is a chance that the victim's criminal background may have lead to his demise.

On the writeup linked above written by AdamG himself, there is a prescient quote in the comments section

I have a feeling their names will show up again on UHub.

I didn't write that, but it definitely came true.

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