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Driver shot at in Rte. 1 road-rage incident, police say

State Police report a woman driving north on Rte. 1 in Peabody escaped injury last night when somebody who'd been tailgating her pulled alongside her and shot at her, but missed.

State Police described the incident:

At approximately 9:30 PM Wednesday, a 26-year-old woman was driving north on Route 1 in Peabody in a Mercedes sedan when a grey Toyota SUV began tailgating her vehicle. The driver of the Toyota subsequently began to drive even more aggressively and tried to pass the Mercedes. When the Toyota came up along the passenger side of the Mercedes, in the area of the Holiday Inn on Route 1 north, the operator of the Toyota shot at the Mercedes with a firearm. The driver of the Mercedes, the car’s sole occupant, was not injured. We documented and recovered ballistics evidence, including from inside the passenger compartment of the Mercedes.

State Police described the shooter as a black man, possibly in his mid-20s, with a buzz cut and wearing a black shirt. He had a passenger: A possibly white woman with blonde hair, also in her mid-20s. They were in a gray Toyota SUV with Florida plates - which might mean the shooter was a Florida man or that he was a local in a rental.

Anybody with information can contact troopers at 978-538-6161.

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God forbid the police use technology that could identify drivers like this.

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I'm genuinely interested here.

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so he's probably referring to Black Persons Identification technology, which police departments have found very reliable for identifying perpetrators of DWB, but which short-sighted liberals have been trying to prevent them from using.

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Get a list of cars with Florida plates which came over the Tobin in the few hours before. (Or maybe, which interacted with any Turnpike facility.) I wonder how many were Florida SUVs?

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Do you really want the police to go after any black man who drove a Florida grey Toyota SUV over the Tobin that night? That's just asking to misidentify an innocent person.

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If someone does something you don’t like driving and you react in a way they don’t like, they might just try and shoot you. This is unfortunately becoming more common.


Cases involving guns have doubled between 2014 and 2016, reaching 620 in 2016.

It’s definitely on the rise and should be addressed. Some kind of calm down while driving campaign is needed similar to what was done for the seat belt. I always held out hope that driving ability and etiquette would improve, but unfortunately it has become worse.

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This is the result of letting practically every dumb and/or dangerous person in the country have extremely easy access to killing machines like guns and cars.

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Of course, because to a well-adjusted person, those two things are exactly the same.

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To the average non violent Joe Schmoe one of those two things is much, much, more dangerous than the other.

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Hence my sarcasm. ;)

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The victim not only had access to a car, but she was using it as well.

My hunch was that you were going to make an anti-car troll on this story. Then again, my hunch is that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning.

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I wish there would be more enforcement of tailgating and aggressive driving. It happens far too often, especially on roads like Route 1.

In some other countries, driving like this is unheard of, since everyone knows you'll get a major ticket very quickly.

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Or a local with Florida plates.

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