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Bouncer at Union Street bar charged with stabbing visiting Marine to death

Boston Police report that Alvaro Larrama, 39, of East Boston, turned himself in this morning at the A-15 police station for the stabbing murder of Daniel Martinez, 23, on Union Street Saturday night.

Larrama was a bouncer at Sons of Boston, 19 Union St., and was arraigned today in Boston Municipal Court on a charge of murder for the death of Martinez, an active-duty Marine from Illinois, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Martinez was found a few doors down from the bar and was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The DA's office provided this account:

At approximately 6:53 PM on Saturday, officers responded to a call reporting a stabbing in the area of 33 Union Street. They found Martinez bleeding from a single stab wound to his chest. EMS responders transported him to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 7:24 PM.

[Assistant DA Caitlin] Grasso said that video surveillance from numerous establishments shows Martinez and Larrama engaging in a brief conversation while Martinez and a friend were waiting in line outside Sons of Boston, where Larrama was working as a bouncer. Officers later learned Larrama had denied Martinez and his friend entrance. Martinez and his friend walked away and were subsequently pursued by Larrama. Grasso said the video shows Grasso raising his left hand as if to defend himself, then striking Larrama's head with an aluminum beer bottle.

The video then shows Larrama striking the victim in the chest, Grasso said. Larrama then entered Sons of Boston, where he is seen washing his hands, discarding his sweatshirt and turning his shirt inside out. He then left through a back exit.

Witnesses at the scene, several of whom were Larrama's colleagues at Sons of Boston, identified him as the perpetrator. Medical examiners identified the stab wound as the cause of Martinez's death. Boston Police issued a warrant for Larrama’s arrest and began their search on Saturday night. Larrama turned himself in on Monday morning.

He was ordered held without bail.

Innocent, etc.



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but he was a bouncer at a different establishment?

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Happened outside Sons, kid stumbled down to Paddy O’s and collapsed.

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So many people think the prevalence of video surveillance violates their rights. It's been the best crime solving tool produced so far.

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