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East Boston rotary could get two new apartment buildings

Rendering of proposed building on Saratoga Street

Rendering of Saratoga Street building by Context.

MG2 Group, which specializes in construction of small and mid-sized residential buildings in East Boston, has filed plans with the BPDA for two new buildings where Ford, Saratoga and Boardman streets meet in a rotary in Orient Heights.

One building, at 2 Ford St., would be four stories with 27 residential units and ground-floor retail space.The other building, across Boardman at 970 Saratoga St., would also be four stories, but would have 14 residential units. MG2's application does not say if it plans to rent the units as apartments or condos. Six of the total 41 new units would be rented or sold as affordable.

The 2 Ford St. building would have a garage with room for 18 cars - 16 of them in a mechanical stacker system. The buildings would be roughly 900 feet from the Orient Heights Blue Line stop.

Ford Street rendering:

Ford Street rendering

The project would continue the East Boston trend of auto-repair garages being replaced with housing.

Each building’s massing is derived from an assessment of it’s site context and urban conditions.A mix of cement fiber board, metal panels and other design elements which are consistent with the design standards set forth by the BPDA will provide a strong identity along Orient Heights Square and serve to have the building become a focal point. The design will present a unique appearance as it relates to its immediate context and will serve as a compelling precedent for the area’s future development.

2 Ford St. filings and meeting schedule.



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