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East Boston soup kitchen ran out of food

The East Boston Community Soup Kitchen, which served free meals every Tuesday, reports it had to turn away people who were already in line:

We ran out of food and we left many people in the line without any food. Usually we have food for the two lines we get. But today there were many more in line. It is unfortunate that the need is getting worse even though the COVID crisis is basically under control and most people have been able to return to work; but the high cost of food, bills and housing is overwhelming for so many families, so they come to stand in line for a bag of groceries to make ends meet. We, EBCSK, are a small organization and we are doing our very best to accommodate and help as many families as we possibly can. We are very sorry we couldn't do more.


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There are too many people struggling now. Including me. There are so few options.

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Don’t worry we’ll get some new life science buildings soon

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At the start of pandemic, Chelsea orgs were giving away food boxes. 2 years later with unemployment very low, they are still given away food boxes. People are just struggling now, and its only going to get worse.

Just went by the Salvation Army a few days ago and the line stretched almost to the Silver Line station. (so about 2-3 blocks).

People are still struggling.

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