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Electricity goes out in Charlestown, East Somerville

A blackout that started in Charlestown around 5:30 p.m. has now spread to East Somerville. Matt Reed at WCVB reports up to 7,000 homes and businesses are now dark.

Eversource, which initially said it hoped to have power restored by 8 p.m., got half of Charlestown back up shortly after 6 p.m. and then the lights went out again, this time in an outage that extended across the city line. Reed reports Eversource is blaming problems at a local substation.

Crusty the Crown reported around 8:50 p.m.:

Cambridge St lit up like Vegas. Outage stops at the town line here in Inman/Union.

Michael F. reported that Winter Hill blinked out just long enough to reset his clocks and router.

Orange Line trains bypassed Community College because the station had no power.

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Must be a slow news day if you are taking time to report a power outage.

Now in other news, two people got a flat tire in Brockton...

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Where it's always a slow day - I cover power outages all the time. What, you need proof?

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the turkey posts.

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Thousands of turkeys across the Boston area suddenly stopped pecking, strutting and running after people when their Eversource line went dead.

Eversource blamed a squirrel for chewing through the connection and estimated restoration at 8:30 p.m.

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7,000 homes and business without power for none of the usual reasons isn't newsworthy?

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It was one of the usual reasons...

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that other outlets won’t address. If there’s something going on in your neighborhood that won’t make the Globe or evening news, you find it here. Whether it’s copters flying low or transformers exploding I want to know where why and when. If you don’t like it swipe left.

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