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In an emergency, turkeys are not your friends

Turkeys blocking an ambulance in Dorchester

Ron Germán looked out his window on Upland Avenue in Dorchester this morning to see a standoff between Boston EMS and the turkey pack that rules the roost in the Melville Park area, a standoff that didn't end when the EMTs turned on their emergency lights and honked:

He adds:

These turkeys have at least doubled in pack sixe over the past year. They nest in a tree behind my house and are a nuisance (to say the least). I certainly don’t want to be an alarmist but anyone could have been in that ambulance or maybe trying to get somewhere.



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that they are interfering with an emergency vehicle, but they could be emergency turkeys. You never know.

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If that is the case then they should have their lights on. It's abuses of power like this which undermine confidence in our turkey force.

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Another Upland resident here.

At full strength the local turkey battalion is by my count 24 members strong. And their excrement is everywhere.

Animal Control will come and remove a dead turkey, but they won't help with live ones. The turkeys are clearly not happy with the snowstorm, and are more agitated and aggressive than they usually are.

We are clearly under siege.

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I live next to Upland and know all of the turkeys of which you speak. I don't see that they are causing any problems what-so-ever. I did count a group of 20 at Shawmut station a few weeks ago!

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I love our turkeys. You just drive through them slowly and they move out of the way. They hang in my yard. They’re cute. Everyone wants a problem.

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is capable of pushing through a pack of turkeys if they really need to get somewhere fast.

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Imagine if the ambulance ran one over. We have the "before" photo and that driver would be f*cked when the "after" photo surfaced on uHub.

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Turkeys are smart enough that they do get out of the way when something much larger than they are wants to go by. I doubt that any turkey has been run over by a slow-moving car or truck.

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De-fund the turkeys!!!

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